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Space + (              ) = Community 

About Space+

A space is the home of a thousand kinds, nurturing millions of possibilities. If we are willing to put in a little effort to reimagine the space with fresh lens, the “ordinary” would become “extraordinary” - so is our community!

Sponsored by the Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Hong Kong, Very Hong Kong is launching the “Space+” programme in the New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island from 2022 to 2024. Through curating a wide spectrum of Placemaking ventures, we aspire to co-create a liveable and close knitted community for all.


By embuing our every day spaces with new meaning and activity, we believe it's possible to rejuvenate the social experience


Public spaces that are creative and inclusive require collaboration across different demographics. By empowering each stakeholder with a voice, we are able to both democratize and realise the imagination of a collective community. This Placemaking endeavour aims to draw out the unique qualities of what makes Places genuine and unique.

Inheriting Community Culture

We believe every space has the potential to elevate the wellbeing of its inhabitants. Through a series of capacity building workshops and collective programmes, we reframe the unique characteristics of communities to enhance local perceptions and the usage patterns of public space. 


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Space+ Academy

The Space+ Academy is a 9-week syllabus which equips participants with practical skills to realize placemaking projects within Hong Kong. We welcome NGO workers as trainees, providing them with a wide gamut of Urban Theory; encompassing both local and overseas case studies; hands on mapping and site audit toolkits; and live fieldwork experience.


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Space+ Salon

Our passion to explore the variety of public spaces within the city has driven Very Hong Kong to partner up with schools, NGOs, and community groups to host 15 Community Salons in the coming months. These pop-up experiments aim to explore the usage patterns of distinct spatial typologies, investigate territorial boundaries within the city, and reevaluate how distinct community spaces can engage with the greater public as a whole.

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Space+ Festival

Space+ Festival is a two-week placemaking event that will conclude our venture in the target district. During the Festival, we will provide onsite technical support to all Academy trainees and interested NGOs in our mission to re-create distinctive and engaging public space for everyone.

Eager to kick-start a placemaking venture, support our mission or participate in the upcoming programmes? Reach out now to stay in touch! We look forward to knowing you soon / greeting you then! 

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14/F Malaysia Building,

50 Gloucester Road,

Wanchai, Hong Kong SAR

(852) 2850 6678

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